I Think I Know Too Much Lyrics

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I was born into the goodness, graciousness of all mighty god

faced with temptations, lies, emphasize

war, weapons of destruction, mayhem
slaughter of the people, satan

worldly ways, godly ways, holidays, sorrow

no one is guaranteed tomorrow, yesterday was borrowed

picture perfect sunsets, ocean front

toxic waste dump, smog, clogged arteries

lotteries, rechargeable batteries

flattery, vanity, stars

jet propelled cars, men behind bars

murder, justice destruction

cats that quit, setups

evidence, identity, plus agility
politics, revenge

natural ability, idolatry, and chemistry

fear, friendship, enemies and energy
heat, humidities. crimes against humanities

carry these, harmonies, melodies and galaxies

trinities, remedies and memories are fallacies

I think I know too much! you don't know shit!

I think I know too much! you don't know shit!

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I was born into the purest perfection of love of all mighty god

faced with the sword of the truth like a lightning rod

city, states, countries and all abroad
spacecraft all aboard

convoy are destroyed

books, tv, radio and telephone
records, phonographs, speakers and microphones

dance, cultural expression

unity, neighborhood community

youth and the elderly
parties, battles, skills and graffiti art
determination, reputation, strong and the weak at heart

gods, gangsters, griots and gigolos
kings, queens, bitches and silly hoes

money, cars, clothes and diamond rings

houses, horses, stock, the finer things

food, family, future, a purpose

knowledge, wisdom, understanding this circus

time, travel, audio and visual

creative adaptive, lonely individual

one nation under a groove, indivisible

mind, soul, spirit and the physical

I think I know too much! you don't know shit!
I think I know too much! you don't know shit!