Different From The Rest Lyrics

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Heard you're getting married today
Well that's just great and I'm okay
Cuz' everyone deserves a day in the sun
And I'm not the type to come undone
I hope she loves you
I hope she cares
And when you need someone to hold you
I hope she's there
God speed, God Bless, I guess
You were different from the rest

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/alice-peacock/lyrics/different-from-the-rest] I still can remember that night
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On the hill
I wore your bomber jacket
The one with all the patches
You asked me if I could tell the truth
I said I could and that I didn't love you
I've often wondered how I'd feel
To finally let you go
I said I'll cross that bridge
When I come to it...when I come to it