Homage To Pan Lyrics

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Goat horned god
Wandering free in the woodlands and mystical forests
To thee I owe my manhood
For thine sexuality is untamed ans pure
Satyr-king for centuries worshipped
A legacy born in the bosom of man
Lust beyond love, love beyond lust
Ruler of nymphs I praise thee

The wilderness is yours
O great son of Herme and lovely Dryope
When arcadians gather and sing

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The sweet sound of your pipe
Will resound through the night
Beyond wide valleys and streams

Thou make all wood-nymphs run with fright
With thine phallus awe-inspiring
Like Dionysus and Cernunnos
The muses sing in thine glory

I am one of thousand in thy flock
Be my shepherd, guide my cock
Oh universal Pan
Reveal thyself to me, make me mad