Walk Into Light Lyrics

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Close in, move out to where you want to go.
There's a crowd out there handclapping slow.
We're all powered up, switched on, the rig is tight.
Step into joy. Walk into light.
Never mind what some people say.
They're going to love you anyway.
Shake off that nervous twitch and feel your strength.

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/anderson-ian/lyrics/walk-into-light] Stand astride the width and walk the length.
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Those super-troopers fired and burning bright.
Step into joy. Walk into light.
Stand tall and be yourself.
You can do it for your health.
Maybe a circus ring, a disco floor.
Do like we do. And do some more.
A crowded ofice or a party night.
Step into joy. Walk into light.