Everybody Lyrics

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Said it's alright
whoaa whoaaaa

[Verse 1]
We have seen some things in our lives, we have some long and solomn roads, thats how i know
its alright to cry, go on and ease a heavy load, pray hard, walk tall, do right, find love hold on for
life, lord i know that you are there, I feel a burnin in my bones, free us from the lions den and take us home.

Everybody needs love in their lives
everybody needs a little sun to shine
go on let love come inside your life

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[Verse 2]
The sheppard and his angels guard our life, go on joy comes early morn, the praise of the man
will sure subside, pain walk away cause here come love, smiling, faithful, alright, find love hold on for
lord I know that you are there, I feel a butnin in my bones, free us from this lions den, and take us home


Lord rain down on me and let your joy ease my pain, take me from this lions den and let me smile again