Waterslides! Lyrics

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Take on the ocean
Where we belong
Like islands in the sun
I'll stick around
To be your hero, your tugboat captain
We could sin to the end
We can find our place to hide
We can slide across the sea and finally be free
In this space wide open
Take my hand to know
That I will never let you go
You are my joy my pride that keeps my heart alive
If we fall we won't cry
In these water mountains we can hide
There we can close our eyes
And we can be all right
We can write this story
Raise our arms in glory
As we step off the world to slide
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(Find out what you're looking for) Waterslide
(Be my guest)
We can slide
(Find out what you're looking for)
We'll slide across the sea
We're drawing lines on the water
You take a swim with Neptune's daughter
You want to splash in the sea green planet
And let the world go
Just let the birds go, birds go
We'll don't waste another breath
Make sure you take time
To pass along imagination
Before you're gone
And your life slips away
So write this story with me...