Yo, Check Out This Ride! Lyrics

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Yo I'm a freak. I'm so unique.
I'm rockin' dubs on my Honda Civic.
My woofers woof, my tweeters tweet.
I've got a different ride for every day of the week.

So where my ladies at?
Well come on babies lets go for a ride.
Cause we got stupid cash, we're gonna throw it out the window tonight.
So check it out. (What exactly are we checking out?)
We're just cruisin' around, checking out each other,
checkin' each other out.
This car (this car) I drive in ,
this vehicle that I ride in;
so hard (so hard), so stylin',
Makin' all the ladies we pass start cryin'.
Yo, yo do you want, to take a ride?
Lets go baby!
No, she doesn't wanna take a ride.
You gotta check out this ride!
Yo, check out this ride. <i[x2]

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