Dream Sequence Lyrics

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Give me your gibberish tonight
And talk to me with your eyes shut
Make me giggle in your sleep
And I can dream that you're a slut

And when I wake up stiff
Please just feel free to use me
Then go to work and let me
Wonder what it was
That made you choose me

And now I love you more than that
And now I love you more than this
So just stay over on your side
And go to sleep and dream of piss
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Tomorrow you can tell me all the things
You've done with boys
Blushing as you recount tales
To satisfy my see through ploys

Cause in my nightly dramas, you are still the biggest star
So keep the window open and I can dream we are in the car
And tonight we will be leaving, we can take the scenic route
To a wind farm by the sea while I'm dreaming that you're mute

There's no better journey than me on my way to you
Sitting there all smug, knowing what we might get up to
And one day we'll be idle, and we'll both be past our peak
So until then, all we can do is master a technique
Now let's sleep