Packs Of Three Lyrics

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It was the biggest ever cock you' d ever seen
But you' ve no idea where that cock has been
You said you were careful you never were with me
I heard you did it four times and Jonnies
Come in packs of three

She was the best shag I' d ever had
That doesn' t mean I' m saying, bed wise, you were bad
I think you were working, we got a hotel
We didn' t have anything but I thought I might as well

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I never told the rest
I was drunk and I told you
I was thinking about a test
You know I just said it for effect
Then you laughed and said I' d fuck
Anything in a skirt once I' m erect

And she' s a famous harlot in this town
I know enough to, but still I couldn' t turn her down
He said I' m an asshole, what was I thinking?
It' s far too easy to blame it on the drinking