Sinister Mephisto Lyrics

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Intro lead - Christopher
Into the night - the darkest corner of my mind
Sink into my inner self, an erotic fantasy
A spiralling vortex - an instant alter ego fix
Here I am the ruler of all, in this kingdom of sin
(Floating in a dreamlike state
I am the emperor of a paralell universe)
Sinister mephisto - ride the sky
Sinister mephisto - the ultimate high
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What I can't have in actuality
I feast upon in my "reality"
An extravaganza of forbidden pleasures
No sexual wish dark enough, to suppress
I am no longer a mortal man
As master of the ceremony - divine perversion
I hereby declare the orgy to begin
Ravage yoru luscious virgin flesh (how I love it)
My cup runneth over - drink my distilled insanity
1st lead - Christopher
2nd lead - Michael