Doomsayer (reprise) Lyrics

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Bomb say dragon slayer
Like the bells
Of a child from hell

Give them nightmares
My god yes my lord
Won't be mocked
Or ignored

Send a shudder
Down the gutter to the avenues
Right down to the level
Of the children of the devil

Your world is dying
No it won't be long
So whats going on

So come on back track
As I wack super natural
Defending the facts as
They try to act causal

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Many feel superior
To go for the soul
Clamp them down in a hurry
Like a gracie choke hold

To your face the joke plays
Out once more
1, 2, 3 for all have sinned
And fell short of the glory of God

Their hit harder than a PLO car bomb
I long for the days
When hearts were a blaze
The spirit moved mighty

As the people where amazed
I want it back like the cluck want crack
I want to fight back I want to attack

My spirit is for war
What you waiting for
The hatred won't seize
So I make it a feast

'Cause I'm scared of the doomsayer