Red Planet Lyrics

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I don't mind all these blatant stares
'Cause my words are like all you people, meaningless
Spineless like the mime, imitates the shrine, the shrine of college
Cretin bags, yeah, come pick me a winner, Mr. A and R dinero thug

Used to be that fun was our main objective
But Mr. old school will tell the new fuel
They're igniting in the wrong direction

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Do you know the red planet? Do you know yourself?
Do, do, do company policy, do, do, do all rights reserved?
Do, do, do funds are pending? Do, do, do, you're a sales figure

I don't mind if you take me there
In fact I want to see the stars
We'll take the plunge in a fabric boat and we'll sink together
Just sign my destiny and I will seal it forever