The Dying And The Dead Lyrics

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Thiry thousand auto workers have gone to work to find
That they've been downsized form the assembly to the unemployment line
The employed seeking job security content with what employers give
Thinning out the job market keeps the workers competitive
The upper one percent receive the tax breaks, social program cut's commence
Educational funds take a back seat to America's defense
These education cuts are an investment in the prison industry
An occupational restructuring towards a slave labor economy
The chance of survival on death row disappears,theirright to appeal is deprived
Worker strength and solidarity depletes with union officials bribed
Raising taxes to build sports stadiums while the homeless are ignored
Refusing to supply the health care benefits most people can't afford
The newly founded citizen review boards' members are all police
The gap widens between the cost of living and the inflation increase
Those in power own the media machine it's the vehicle to their views
They bury all of their corruption under fluff reported news
They bombard us with statistics to influence public opinion
The more ridiculous the lie the more people seem to listen
It's the people with no money that are responsible for the rest of us being poor
We'll just eliminate the welfare system to even up the score
Our conditions never imporve no matter how many programs we stop

[lyrics was taken from] The money always seems to circulate back to the people at the top
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The occasionl whining criticisms keep the public satisfied
The rest are busy escaping reality with drugs the CIA supplied
It's always the most oppressed who easily fall victim to ignorance
Even with all that they've been through they still pledge allegiance
To their country and flag that has caused all of their grievous pain
Patriotism leads to natonalism which in turn proceeds to fascism
Poor and working class people are the tools of sick corporate perseverance
Shit on little puppets exploited in the trials of human dominance
But still the pride goes on blindly and in so-called freedom they gloat
Waving the flag but cursing the politicians they think they elect when they vote
Behind the trails of our peacekeepers lie the dying and the dead
There are millions of starving chilren that are waiting to be fed
Because executive orders demand that economic sanctions are applied
If they'd have bowed down to our pressure, relief may have just arrived
As the worlds only super power we rule without regret
We don't let these children survive and grow up to be a threat
Love of this country is based on nothing but the fear of living somewhere worse
And gratitude shouldn't be the reaction to someone else being slaughtered first