Malodorous Lethal Gases Lyrics

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A Sadistic Maniac Is Inside His Mind
Double Personality Behind A Pretty Face
Everything Started At A Young Age
Like A Funny Joke Among His Best Friends

Unbearable Stench - Secret Weapon
Malodorous - Lethal Gases

As Time Went By He Realized
That Through Perfectioning This Technique
He Could Create An Indestructible Weapon
Impossible To Be Resisted By Any Being

Unbearable Stench - Secret Weapon
Malodorous - Lethal Gases

Asphyxiant - Collapsing
Annoying - Inhuman
It Makes Your Ears Bleed, It Paralyzes Your Brain
Your Nose Gets Eroded, And Your Veins Explode

Nauseous - Excruciating
Irritating - Vomitive

[lyrics was taken from] Burns Up Your Innards, Lacerates Your Skin
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Cremates Your Hair, Desecrates Your Eyes

Inside The Cinemas He Performs
Elevators Are His Favourite Places
Buses, Trains, Subways, Airplanes
Only In Big Massive Concentrations

Like A Big Gas - Chamber / Unpleasant - Massacre
No Way To - Escape / Unavoidable - Genocide

Totally Silent Mega-Farts
No Cure For This Odious Disease
Because Death's The Only Solution
Nobody's Exempt Of This Attack

But One Day He Started To Feel
That His Organism Was Going Wrong
He Wasn't Completely Immunized
And He Died Drowning In His Own Shit

Unbearable Stench - Secret Weapon
Malodorous - Lethal Gases