Memories Of A Teenage Cat Lyrics


Awaken - Memories Of A Teenage Cat

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So many regrets on my mind
I really don't know why
I open the window to understand
The winter blows my hair
The time has not so much changed
But the magic has gone
I'm so sorry but I thank you
It seems so far from now
I feel I've lost myself
Inside this empty cage
It's so hard to believe now
The spring is so unreal
It's not too late, it's not too soon

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But it's never the right time
How many times did it last
This long and tender dream ?
When summer went away
My story was so clear
And now I understand :
Just the end of the dance
I have made so many mistakes
It was a game, a funny thing
Blame it on me but don't look back
I'm the guardian of my past
A pretty face in the street
A smile and a new life
But I will never forget
On my last days of life