Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Lyrics


Bro'sis - Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed

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Who's been sleeping in my bed?
Ain't nobody sleeping in your bed,what you're talking about?
I'm innocent,I didn't treat you bad girl,
What you're talking about? What? what?

Who's been sleeping in my bed?
Tell me boy,do you think I'm mad?
I've been wastin' so much time,thinking truly you were mine
Where have you been gone all night long?
Who's been calling there on the phone?
Why did you treat me so bad? Who's been sleeping in my bed?

Just another sunday,hanging out in the city,
When I saw this lonely girl come in my way
She was looking so pretty,wearing Gucci and Fendi
It was not me who asked her if she wanted to stay with me

I know I might look guilty,the evidence is strong
I`m sure you're thinking that I'm filthy,but I didn't do you wrong
Now it's true that I was gone,but I wasn't all alone
I was hangin' with my homies when you called me on the phone
Yo,it might look strange that you found some lingerie

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But believe me baby,baby,this can all be explained,ah
You konwa what,now this might sound a little rough
But maybe it's somebody trying to set me up

Who's been sleeping in my bed,huh? Yeah,come on tell me...


Now what you mean who? Girl,what you're trying to do?
Just because you smell parfume don't mean someone was in the room
Not me,so why you're thinking that?
Girl,you know I keep it real and I always got your back
Now tell me why you're thinking that I would treat you that way?
I know you probably going off of what your girlies say
There ain't nobody in my bed in between the sheets,
Now you got it all wrong cause I Could never cheat


I know you did it!