Funny Honey Lyrics

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For her first number
Miss Roxie Hart sings a song of love and devotion
Dedicated to her dear husband, Amos

Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong
But he doesn't care, he'll string along
He loves me so
That funny honey of mine

Sometimes I'm down, sometimes I'm up
But he follows 'round like some droopy-eyed pup
He loves me so
That funny honey of mine

He ain't no chic, that's no great physique
Lord knows, he ain't got the smarts
But look at that soul, I tell you that whole

[lyrics was taken from] Is a whole lot greater than the sum of his parts
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And if you knew him like me
I know you'd agree

What if the world slandered my name?
Why, he'd be right there taking the blame
He loves me so and it all suits me fine
That funny, sunny, honey, hubby of mine!

He loves me so
That funny honey of mine

Lord knows he ain't got the smarts
Now he's shot of his trap I can't stand that sap

Look at him go rattin', rattin' on me
With just one more brain what a half-wit he'd be
If they string me up I'll know who rought the twine
That scummy, crummy, dummy, hubby of mine