Upon Arrival Lyrics

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A chauffeur dressed in gray, holds a sign, in leather gloves
With instructions to meet the VIP upon arrival
Father, mother and sister, trading smiles and playful shoves
And their son is coming back home, coming to stay, ooh, woh, woh

A lovely teenage queen stands there, waits for the boy she loves
And she dreams of the summertime with him, upon arrival
Now announcing the touchdown of the flight, it's right on time
And a wave of excitement sweeps the room, ooh, woh, woh, ooh, woh, woh

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Each second of every minute seems eternal, time standing still
Hearts beating quicker, minds racing fast
Then suddenly shouts of laughter, tears of joy, flashes of light
Handshake, introductions, lovers kiss

Now, as the people go separate ways, I stand amazed
Everyone has a story you could tell, upon arrival
Still a girl in dark glasses waits until everyone's gone
And she weeps, she's all alone, her love is lost, ooh, woh, woh
Ooh, woh, woh