Pimpstyle Lyrics

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Go away
Get down

Sold my soul away
You can even trade this way
Grab a 45 and start a judgement day, ok
Another propaganda
Do the black drama
I wonder the days getting sweeter

But it s all I ve got you
I m coming off through
You don't have to tell me when I m gonna make my move
All the people strike while I make my way
Consider my life, I do bullshit every single day

Break me, come on break me

I ll see you on my way

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/chicosci/lyrics/pimpstyle] While I try to sell my soul
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I ll try to be okay
While I try to take control

Back from track to suck my load
Keep this up, all the shit and the crumb that
you never heard
I don t make partition
To amass humanization
Tension has arrived
For the anti adhesion

Even though I m packaging
I m so, gonna make you fall down
Got to take control
Killing my identity
Cause that s what I wanna see
You re my all time enemy
Feel the loco, insanity

Go away