Sunrise On The Mersy Lyrics

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there`s a Sunrise on the Mersey
and i guess it looks kind of pretty
with a glowing of Red and a hint of the Sun
Summer is here the day has just begun

Five a.m in the Morning
seems to be no one around
the sound of Milk bottles in the distance
the Milk Man`s doing his round

on the Waterfront Birds are flying by
like a silhouette beneath the Morning Sky
Ferrie`s on the River passing by

[lyrics was taken from] feel so happy life is one big high
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and there`s a Sunrise on the Mersey
and i know it looks rather pretty
with a glowing od Red and the rays of the Sun
Summer is here a happy time for everyone

the Liver Birds are standing tall
guarding the City like a solid Brick Wall
crossing the River the Water`s a murky coloured Wine
i feel so happy now
now i`m feeling fine....