To You I Give Lyrics

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Tender love i give
to you i always will
so happy to know your name
so happy to play you at your game
met you under two years ago
happy tears i cry
so happy to call your name
so happy even in the Rain

because it`s you i love the most
got a smile on my Face from coast to coast
don`t you agree ?
i`m so happy you are you
i`m so happy i am me

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not a day can go by when i`m not with you
there`s no other way i just gotta` be with you
forever yours forever and a day
we`ll always be together
it`s got to be that way


there isn`t a place that i`d rather be
than with you
it feels just like ecstasy
want to thank the Stars up above
for making me like this
and giving you your love..