Nori Ta Abadiat ( Dostet Daram ) Lyrics


Chris De Burgh - Nori Ta Abadiat ( Dostet Daram )

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There are those who think that love comes with a lifetime guarantee,
But we know from those around us, that this may not always be,
It's the simple things that come between a father and a son,
But when they try to talk, the knives are out before they have begun;

Well that was me, and I have seen the light that shines for eternity,
Because I learned to say the words I love you;

Arian [ In persian ] :
Bebin Che Ghalbaee Shekastan , Toye Daste Rozegar ,
Bebin Cheshmaee ro ke Gashtan , Peye Noori mondegar ,
Az Eshgho bavar , bayad ke akhar , beshan labriz delamon ,
Ye Rozi harja , Por Beshe Donya , Az Tanine Sedamon ,

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[ verse ] :
Pas Bia ,
Ba Har Zaboon ,
To Ham bekhoon , Bekhon Asheghone Kenaram ,
Faryad Bezan Bego : " Dooset Daram "

Chris De Burgh :
And this endless road that we are on just keeps on going round,
But there's one destination that always is here to be found

So come with me ( To Ham Bia ), and you will see ( To Ham Bebin ) the light that shines for eternity ,
Be strong and learn to say the words "I love you," ,
Faryad Bezan , bego : " Dooset Daram "
The words "I love you, ( Dooset Daram )" the words "I love you."