Cayo Hueso Lyrics

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Words and Music Chris Foster
January 29, 2003

The dreamland of the world is on an island
The Indians were the first to stake their claim
The Spaniards came along And found a lot of bones
And discovered it already had a name

They called it Cayo Hueso They came to Cayo Hueso
It was Cayo Hueso It was the king of Spain's
It was Cayo Hueso When they first reached Cayo Hueso
It was Cayo Hueso Because Skeleton's remained.

Wreckers were a rich part of its history
Running after ships that were going down
The first to get there claimed the loot.
Totally legal and all To Boot!
Then they'd bring the goods to auction in the town.

Down in Cayo hueso coral reef off Cayo Hueso
Down in Cayo Hueso Ships in storms were often doomed

[lyrics was taken from] Down in Cayo Hueso legal pirates Cayo Hueso
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Down in Cayo Hueso the wrecking business boomed

90 miles north of Havana exist another world
the locals march to the beat of their own drum
this little piece of paradise has everything you need
you'll never want to leave it when you come.

The locals call themselves the conch republic
For they seceded from the union where others tried and failed
Dennis Wardlow took some bread and Broke it on a sailors head
Then surrendered to the Admiral. What a story that is to tell .

Only in Cayo Hueso Conch republic Cayo Hueso
Come on to Cayo Hueso. Through a road block asinine.
All in Cayo Hueso, South of Homestead Cayo Hueso
Come to Cayo Hueso, Skeeters last chance was the line

Down in Cayo Hueso historic cayo hueso
Down in Cayo Hueso is where I want to stay
The town of Cayo Hueso I just love Cayo Hueso
I go to Cayo Hueso to chase my blues away!