Rolling Over The Highway Lyrics

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Rolling over the highway
Chris Foster
February 5, 2003

Rolling over the highway Got the wind in my hair
While the sun is shining brightly down upon my face
Looking for an adventure Or for any old reason
That will lead me on a new exciting chase
I cant slow down I still have a lot to see
I'll blaze my path of glory from sea to shining sea.
Rolling over the highway

Rolling over the highway With the top of my car pulled down
While the radio is playing is turning back the years
Fingers tapping the dashboard Changing radio stations
Singing all the songs that are pleasing to my ears.
I've traveled through the countryside and I've seen a lot of towns

[lyrics was taken from] And I've waved hello to strangers when I've have my window down
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Rolling over the highway

And I would take a trip to anywhere
As long as you were with me, I wouldn't have a care
Freedom must be wrestled from the grips of your existence
It doesn't take a miracle it only takes persistence.


Rolling over the highway Looking for a tomorrow
That only yesterday was impossible to see
Escaping to a forever Defining each moment
And accepting what it is I'm meant to be.
Heading to my future with my dream clutched in my hand
Arriving at the destiny of what it is I am
Rolling over the highway.