Dark Circles Lyrics

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You said you d never get tired of me
You swore that there was no one who made you feel like I made you feel
Now I don t feel anything at all
I m numb from the alcohol
That I ve been drinking in large dosed
Down and down and down

There s dark circles around my eyes
And a wall around my heart
That you put there
You left and I fell apart
And now there s holes in my walls
And dark circles all around
These eyes you called so blue

You said you never could lie to me
You swore that there was no one who saw through you
like I saw through you

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Now let me tell you what I see
I see a man staring back at me
Who s been broken by lie after lie after lie


I thought that I was stronger but I guess that stronger doesn t really mean anything
No doesn t mean a thing

I said I d never say goodbye to you
I swore that there was no one who d mean to me
what you meant to me
And now I m wondering what it means
I see your face in a thousand scenes
That keep on playing in my mind
Over and over and over

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