Bars Shouldn't Have Mirrors Lyrics

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Boots and a buckle jukebox and a bottle
Old rodeo cowboy its part of the draw
He dreams of tomorrow winnin' the next show
Till he looks in the mirror that hangs on the wall
There's a weathered old face like leather its aged
With scars you can trace that run down to his soul
The mirror can't hide what the drinks will disguise
There's a rodeo cowboy that's gettin' too old
Bars shouldn't have mirrors who wants to see the real thing

[lyrics was taken from] Bars shouldn't have mirrors is that cowboy I'm lookin' at there really me
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But he'll tell all his stories live over past glories
Will the whisky will make him a winner again
But every drink that is raised he'll see his face
Cause the bottles just a mirror he holds in his hand
Bars shouldn't have mirrors...