Regressor (aggresive Mix) Lyrics

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Look deep into your eyes behold the burning flame
Sever unwanted ties within yourself detained
Emotional control revealing inner strength

Vivid picture colorblind
Unexplainable decline
Sifting through alternatives
You antagonize
Organized insanity
More self-inflicted agony
Indecisive mind

Faulty fires burning bright
Feeding mental parasite
Mediate between true reason
And invalid lie
Disregard your destiny
Embracing false humility
Infantile juvenile

[lyrics was taken from] Foolish genocide
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Death and life intertwine

"Get him!"

"Control your emotions for they will be your downfall."

"Help combat HIV the virus that can lead to aids."

"It's a kill'n I saw it!"

"I heard that."

"Honest to God."

"I don't want success."

"These religious fanatics are responsible for God knows what."