Senseless Abandon Lyrics

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The cold of winter now resides where fires once burned bright
Unseen forces waging war for possession of your sight
Allowing walls to crumble leaving armor to decay
The enemy you once engaged steals vital time away

O children how could you ignore your slowly rotting soul
A carnal mind will bring you death sin will take it's toll
From certain death you came to life accepting saving grace
The seed was sown on stony ground you now spit in Savior's face

Hand already to the plow gaze back at what you've lost
Withdraw yourself from servanthood reconsidering the cost
Pride infests your spirit love of money rooting deep

[lyrics was taken from] Ignore convictions dying plea now say goodbye morality
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Looking for the answers that you once held in your hand
Watch your treasures crumble like a kingdom in the sand
Father time extracts his dues they're getting hard to pay
And even so you turn your back and walk farther away

Why this apostasy for you know your days are few
You know whatsoever you sow will be reaped back to you
Turn back unto the Lord for in Him is life alone
Abandoning the truth you've known is death and it makes no sense at all