Yurasuka Lyrics

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...Perfectly destroyed - perfectly removed
Breathing living death - tasting what i choose
To never be the same - and never to ammend
The dying of a heart - and losing of a friend
Castaway don't forget to crucify and fall prey to the voodoo
what you do what you say and what you play won't release them scars out of you
To your crimes you are slave take to the grave what you coulda shoulda forgave

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/circle-of-dust/lyrics/yurasuka] And forgot what you not and what you'll never be
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Deadend for a sucker that's a sucker like me
In my shelter goin helter skelter in my mind
My kind is confined to the disinclined who
Cannot communicate or never seem to fit clean into society's spine
Here's to a life gone before it began
A deadman marathon dead babylon man
(don't forget) what you are and what you'll never be
Deadend for a sucker that's a sucker like me....