My Collapsing Frame Lyrics

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Would you do that if it really meant

They would see you and would be convinced that you love me
And you didn't care who knew it?

Please believe me, when I say it's true
I have never felt as close to you, or anyone as I do right now
And I'm begging you, please don't leave yet

And this moment's glass in a fragile state
I've convinced myself that it won't crack or break
Like a heart, in the winter, when the air is cold
And your words, the same, I know them, I know them
I am broken, I am wounded

[lyrics was taken from] Watch me as my fragile frame collapses, collapses on me, on me
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But it's not your fault you never meant to hurt me
You hurt (me)

And when it's 5:00 a.m.
And you're too tired to ever sleep
Well there's no rest for the lonely
I hope I die in my sleep

There's never been such hopelessness or devotion
Or devotion
Or devotion
What's devotion?