Vortex Of Unknown Lyrics

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Performed by Scafold

Let death strengthen it's grip upon your
Body let your soul fly from
It's mortal cage
Die and let your soul fly to outer regions
Levitating in black space
No knowing were your destiny will lead
To enter the gates of endless misery
Or endless rest, confusion rules
Your conscience,
You see the painfull souls tortured by the
Of hell vortex of unknown
Levitate through the gates enter the realm of

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/compilation/lyrics/vortex-of-unknown] Immort ality
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The vortex of after life
Vortex of unknown
Die and let your soul fly to other regions
You're afraid to die
You don't know what awaits you
But it's your destiny
You could have changed it but now it's too late
Levitating in this vortex of unknown and fear,
You discover things,
Things that you never knew before,
But now it's too late.
Levitating in the ever lasting vortex of soul,
Flying more free than ever
More horified from your future
And what the spirits will bring
Vortex on unknown.