Nonsense Cone Lyrics

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verse A:
It's about time now don't you think?
You've got to feel your way and don't be stepping on cracks.
It's an old fashioned remedy, you've got to peel the skin and remove all the pips.
She came around just the other day.
she bought a crap cd and a box of milk tray.
Her chemistery is a a mystery, she'll be up all night trying to figure it out.
Said to me what she wants to be, a weather girl appearing on tv.
Is that for me?
She always so eager to please.


[lyrics was taken from] Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, don't follow me.
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Follow me, follow me, follow me. Don't follow me (3x)
I won't be missing her today (4x)
Now they say that she's on the mend,
once before she was around the bend.
Can't you see?
She must have it in for me.


verse A