Sunnyside Up Lyrics

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I know. Yeah I know now.
I said I know. Yeah I know now.
You're like me and I like you,
let's see if you dig the same things that I do.
It's okay, you can stay, you can stick around, yeah that's what I say.
I want to take you out.
You're good enough to eat.
I want to suck the toes on your feet.
I want to shout.
Stand up and shout.

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Give it some of that and let it all out.
I've got this feeling, I feel it every day (and I know)
That this feeling will see me through to the end (and I know)
There's still a lot to see, but that's okay with me (and I know)
'Cause you'll always be around for me.
I love you, I just love every single thing about you.
I need you, to need me, we can talk about the people that we see.
I know. Yeah I know now. I said I know. I said I know now.