Big Train Lyrics

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My train your station full speed across the nation
You'll be brownin' your Bermudas
When I blow this tomb with a view, yeah, all right

Third rail can't stand it Santa Fe to the mid-Atlantic
I got a steel wheeled radial prophylactic for you, yeah
And I ain't afraid to use it now

Ooh, it takes up all your time being leader of the pack
Just when you get that rat race licked
Well, here come faster rats

Big train, are you an engineer?
Big train or a passenger?
Big train, whatever gets you to the top of the hill
You're on a

Big train, strapped to the front of a
Big train, ooh double stack thunder
Big train and you're runnin' just in front of the wheels, oh

I've known fast livin' I know wine, women
And songs become a long locomotive for me, babe
Oh yeah, that train be rollin' not me, I'm going
Before wine and women turn into beer, the old lady and TV

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Oh oh oh now

All you ever wanted was to tap dance, run away
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
Sometimes it rains right on your

Big train, ooh time gets movin'
Big train, when ya' don't know what you're doin'
Big train and you're wonderin' if you ever will

Big train, oh honey are you with me?
Big train or is the rain doin' sixty?
Big train, ah maybe you're standing still, [Incomprehensible]

Big train, gets movin'
Big train, don't know what you're doin'
Big train, you're wonderin' if you ever will, oh

Big train, honey are you with me?
Big train or is the train doin' sixty, baby
Maybe you're standing still

Oh yeah yeah oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah yeah
Oh oh oh oh yeah, oh yeah, oh oh oh oh

Always another train pulling into that station
And I'll be smilin' again
Can't help it, it's the kind of guy I am, awe reap