Scream Bloody Gore Lyrics

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Decapitated head licking your cunt
Sucking all the blood from your stump
Intestinal guts taking their hold
Leaving you dead, stiff and cold

Controlling the minds of the bloodthirsty dead
Unholy seizure slicing through your head
Who will survive only time will tell
Dripping from your mouth comes a rancid smell
Lobotomised corpse shredding your flesh
Leaving your body a bloody mess

Scream bloody gore

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Inject the reborn terror, the blood comes spurting out
Another to control, add it to your count
Orders to destroy, rip and tear apart
Wishing for the end, your death is just the start

Armies of the dead
Hail their leader's head
Hungry for the flesh
While it's warm and fresh

Through the smoke who will see
Who will come out alive?
Now it's your turn to feel the pain
Now it's your turn to die