Tricia Toyota Lyrics

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(phillips, lee, wagon)

I came home one night tuned my t.v. in
My favorite show was about to begin
As I was scanning across the dial
I saw her read the news with delectable style
Then I was sure that within a while

I was stuck
Stuck in a pagoda
With tricia toyota
I'm stuck
We were watching abe vigoda
Then every thing will be fine

Later that night we went for a drive

[lyrics was taken from] And I can say I never felt more alive
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Taking in the sights of old tokyo
With tricia by my side and money to blow
I knew then I never wanted to let her go




Always in a daze always in a dream
Always find that things are not what they seem
A little asian goddess came from up above
I thank you nbc for sending my love
And tricia is the one I've been dreaming of