Love Ultra Lyrics

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Assume that we can be one under the sun
Shouldnt be that bad because we are one
And you can be
My woman my love
Now that I got time to be your man
Cmon baby, we should be together forever infinity
Love ultra (don't, don't, don't)
Beyond whatever it is you fantasize
Let me be the one to open you up to
A love beyond
All you've been opened up today we go
Find that way to find love
Above and beyond any other
Love ultra (don't, don't, don't)
Dont you feel the same that I feel
Feel the touch of me touch
Love aint up me, but leave it up to me
I love you

[skat adlib]
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Find a love, find a love

[skat adlib]

Assume that we can be one under a love
It dont seem hard to conceive, huh
I wanna be your man
You can be lady
We can make love, or even make
(nah not yet)
We can make love to surpass horizons
Whatever it is, my love, fantasize it
They say fantasies come true when love is due
Let me be the one to open you up to
Love ultra

(our love, our love ultra...[woman singing in the background])