Shady Lyrics

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It's been some time, I tripped up this day
She don't need
No knowledge of how she ran my
Up until this day,
This fine day in may,
Certainly I flashedback to bobby
And remembering,
A special envy
He possesed the only thing my life was missing,
Can only guess why every bodies telling me that shes shady...
Ooohhhhhhhhh, whhhyyyyy? oooooooohhhhhhhhhh....soooooo
Shady shady shady
Shady mothafuu...
Cuz I was blinded by beauty I
I didnt see the ??
After three weeks have passed
Of courtin this chick and I still aint hit that ass,
She had the nerve to ask a favor of Dwe,
'I'm in dire straights' she said
'I need five hundred for books for class'
But I dont understand, so lets just ??
Before I can let her know,
She followed it up with head shots called fellatio
She found my weakness
That shady mothafuu...
That shady mothafuu... fuu ooooohhhhhh whhhyyyyyyy
Oooooohhhoooo soo so
Shady shady shady
After her job was done
She went to the bathroom and said 'ill be back soon'
But you know what was strange?
She picked up her phone.
I overheard her say, 'bobby I got the dough meet me on monroe'
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I choked on pride, this bitch was wrong
But I held my tongue...
As she exited the bathroom and came in
I grabbed her legs,
Threw her onto my bed,
I released my tongue
Karma lingeres until she screamed jesus!
I nto her ear I whispered.. pssssss..
And a single tear drop falls
Simply caused to the (realized is pimpin??)
She looked uneasy,
She says 'I got to go.'
She met Bobby on Monroe, yeah.
She asked for the key to the stash for the cash, B.
Bobby's birthday was tomorrow.
She promised to suck my skabarro.
The keys to unlock the safe is,
Of three years of Bobby girl's shadiness.
?? threw Bobby a kiss and smiled. *muah*
I go to take a piss,
She dropped a note in the bathroom sink and
With the inked was ran and shit.
Something about 'Japan first class ticket'.
I used my only lead.
I got in my whip to see about Monroe street.
There I see a limosine.
Windows cracked with this bitch in the backseat.
I said 'What the hell is this?'
She said 'I came with Stayo pimp and his profile.
The hottest Tokyo sound.'
Oh you Shady Mothafuuu...
But im gonna ff her ?? ... hell yeah...