Wouldn't Mama Be Proud? Lyrics

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The question is: wouldn't mama be proud?
There's a silver lining in the corporate cloud
And the pretty post that you're taking as an NCO
Of the Great Pretender
I should sure think so
Wouldn't mama be proud?
"Can I take your order?" asked the heavenly host
Ticket to the jet stream, blowing coast to coast
The long-stemmed glasses, a movie, and a pleasant dream in midair
"You gotta tell me quickly, 'cos we're almost there"
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Wouldn't mama be proud?
Pointed out of the window at the sky gone black
"Kid, you're on the right track"
If I send you postcards from the side of the road
Photographs of moving parts about to implode
If I crawl to keep it together like you say you know I can do
To transmit the moment from me to you
Wouldn't mama be proud?
Wouldn't mama be proud?
Wouldn't mama be proud?