If I Had It My Way Lyrics

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Oh Yeah! oh oh...
I look around and see the possibilities
You know its fun to be me
Never fit the crowd Nothing gets me down Never scared to dream
If hear something can't be done I'm gonna prove them wrong
Make everybody believe
If I had the chance I would change it all
That's what I'm ready to see

If I had it my way I would make new rules that sounds cool
People say I'm crazy they don't understand who I am
If I had it my way I would change the world just one girl
If I... If I... If I had it my way

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/emma-roberts/lyrics/if-i-had-it-my-way] I've got a buzz in me that know one ever sees
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In the attitude YEAH!
I'm gonna find a way no matter what they say
I do what I gotta do
Cause when I see something that can be done that only makes me strong
It happens every time
Cause I can take a situation totally wrong and make it turn out right


Na Na Na Na
I can do anything
Na Na Na Na
So watch me

[Chorus 2x]