Tulsa Queen Lyrics

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I heard the train
In the Tulsa night
Calling out my name
Looking for a fight

But she's come a long, long way
Got a longer way to go
So tell me how a train from Tulsa
Has got a right to know

When she sings a song
So sad and high
And the Tulsa Queen
Queen don't ever lie

And she don't care where she goes

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Don't care where she's been
And the Tulsa Queen ain't crying
'Cause I won't see you again

And I want to ride
Like a Tulsa Queen
Calling out to you
Like she calls to me
As far away from Tulsa
As these ten wheels can be

Lately I speak
Your name too loud
Each time it comes up in a crowd
And I know it when I do
The Tulsa Queen and you
Are gone