Nonus Aequilibrium Lyrics

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Hark. For I speak of purity.
I am unconquerable. In my worship.
I am invincible on my crusade.
However hard the strikes may be.
However deep the wounds.
This blood immortal, bleeds for thee.
In every breath I hear the silent whisper of your name.
In every harmony, In every thought.
You make my water into wine.
Remember, I am ever thine.

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Blessed was I with the consecration.
To indomitable dedication.
Two bound as one. In a trinity.
Where I comprise infinite forms of unity.
In unity reborn to a state.
Where all past burdens no longer shall be worn.
I pledge to perfection.
No compromise can touch my woe.
Nor questions reach my faith, in immortality.
In the name of Nonus Aequilibrium.
I am thine. IX times IX...