Automaton Lyrics

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By the time you get this note I'll be nowhere to be found I know the secret and I'm going underground My Eyes have seen the things they never should have seen And now they know it and they're coming for me They'll keep trying in any way, but I'll be running everyday And I'll be hoping for you Automatons, skins with cyborgs beneath They're automatons, and they're coming after me Only toil, strife, have brought me to my end I thought I was different but I'm just the same as them And all the toughts and ideas I believed were mine Are only borrowed from someone from another time Don't you cry for me today, I never had a chance anyway 'Cause under my skin it's the same Automatons. skins with cyborgs beneath They're Automatons, and they're coming for me They're Automatons less man than machine They're Automatons, and they're just like you and me

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