New Monthly Flavour Lyrics

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Jerry's keeping up with the neighbours
Good for the man on the go
Rabbit's got a new monthly flavour
Helps to keep the dogs on the down-low
Anna's feeling less self-destructive
Feeling less in general too
Her kids have been a lot more productive
Anna's got a lot less to do

Cause they can make you
Break you and better you
Don't ask don't tell you anything
If it's the same damn song
Why are you listening

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Jerry's got a familiar feeling
Heart is pumping and mind is full
Counting all the cracks in the ceiling
Fear is frozen in amber bottles
One a day to kill your resentment
Two a day if you're ill at ease
While Anna pays to pursue contentment
Her doctor's making new NME's

It's a kind of answer kind and fair
Nice and normal soft and flawless
If the doctor doesn't care
Who can say the question's even there?