Shake Your Head Lyrics

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I was born, upside down
I felt my grandma put my feet
on the ground
They put a spoon, in my mouth
And everyone was shocked to
hear me shout
Well i knew i couldn t take all
the dog food that they make
I d just as soon as put myself
on a stake and burn

I saw it comin around
I saw it comin around, yeah
I saw it comin around
So i just, yeah
Shook my head and walked

I grew up, in a town
Where everybody tried to push
me around
The girls were alright, but
the guys were tough
They re always buggin me with
macho stuff
Well, i ain t no stupid
fighter, i go for flower
I ve been running every race
just to save my face, yeh

(repeat refrain)

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Well, they try to see if you
It s just a matter of not
begging for more
You know it s really suicidal
to just give in
With people you can never
really be sure
O-hoh when it gets down to this

They ll eat you up
When the words get in your head
They ll get you up
It s a saving grace to have
When you find yourself in a
compromising spot
You should know, you shouldn t
All that dog food that they
You d just as soon as put
yourself on a stake and burn

Refrain 2:
You ll see it comin around,
You ll see it coming, comin
When you see it coming around,
you just, yeah
Shake yer head and walk away
Yeah! (walk away) alright!
Shake, shake, shake, shake
yer head;(2x)
Yes, the one you think with..ho
ohhc mon, c mon