Elevator Love Lyrics

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If I could, I would
Do it again
I'd do it again
I wouldn't change a thing

We have love, and lose love
And do it again, we do it again
But that's how we are
We come back just to throw it all away

Tell me it's over
So we can do it all again
I'm addicted to this elevator love
Tell me you miss me
And I will come back for one more day
I'm addicted to this elevator love

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We laugh, we cry
And do it again
Do it again
We to hell and back

But there's something 'bout you
I can't keep away
Just can't keep away
We know we'll crash down (we crash and we crash and we)
But I don't want it any other way


Over and over and over we fall
We go up to come down, just to turn it all around
And face it all again