Joyride Lyrics

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To be free come with me, its a joyride
Love's a sweet remedy, its a joyride
Follow me u will see its alright
We'll fly so high on this joyride

U see me and u wonder how I got like this
And maybe if u had it all u could comprehend
U say that life's a trip, u cant take anymore
So come with me, u will see
The very thing your searching for
Life is a joyous ride if u want it to be

Ill take u to the other side, and maybe u will see
Leave all the pain behind, there's a greater love
Eternity's no mystery, u'll find the hope ur dreaming of

There's so much more just take it from me
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U will see
Its the answer its ur destiny


I know that u feel alone like nobody cares
U don't know which way to go but the answer's right there
Come on and free your soul, leave the past behind
Just take my hand, u'll understand that now's the time to fly so high

There's so much more just take it from me
U will see
Turn ur dreams into reality