Just To Know You Lyrics

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Had the choice
Oh, to set us free
And He broke through the darkness
And came with a passion
Gave up the Heavens
To take up the fight
He poured out His heart
And He fought for our freedom
Hung on a cross
And then gave up his life

Just to know You... fought for me
Oh really know You...set me free
Just to know You...died for love
Oh really know You...God above

Oh and I
Have a choice
And the choice for me
Is to live life like a man

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Who will love with abandon
Follow the promise
And pay any price
I'll give all I can
Just to stand in Your glory
And long for the day
Oh to look in Your eyes

[Repeat Chorus]

I want to live
I want to love
I want to finsh strong
I want to run
Into Your arms
And say I gave it all

[Repeat Chorus]