She Was Watching Lyrics

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She was four years old
Waiting by the door to run into his arms
Each time that he came home

And every night he tucked her in and read to her in bed
When she'd fall asleep he'd close his eyes and gently bow his head

But she was watching
Her daddy praying
And thought someday I wanna be like that
She was watchin what he was saying
And the way he bowed his head
And though she can't recall the prayer
She was watching

Late one evening he was coming home from work
He called to say he'd lost his job
And after dinner they excused their baby girl
She knew they had to talk

But from inside her bedroom
She could hear them down the hall
They were dancing in the kitchen as momma sang his favorite

She was watching
As they were dancing
And thought someday I wanna be like that

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Her momma singing
As they were dancing hand in hand
And though she can't recall the song
She was watching

Faith can't be taught
It's just something that is caught along the way
No faith is never taught
It's just something that they catch from watching you along the way

He always called her daddy's little girl
But now she's twenty-three
He walks her down the aisle to give away his world
Oh but he can hardly speak
And when he kisses her goodbye he tries to hold it in
But as he turns away she pulls him close and whispers in his ear

I was watching
And I've been waiting
And finally found someone just like you
I was watching
My whole life praying
For God to see it through

And as he kissed her one last time
He said a prayer and closed his eyes
And she was watching