That Girl On Fire Lyrics

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[Chorus 2x]
This girl is on fire (she's hot)
She's on fire (she's hot)
She is burnin' up in the club now
Stop, drop it and roll

Shawty got a nice, pressed beautiful body
'N anytime I see her she be lookin' for a party
Nice 'lil ghetto attitude and naughty
Damn baby you could be my shawty

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E'rybody wanna break, they just can't hang
Imma be the one to ride the midnight train
Jump on the track, wanna just get started
Make the 'chu chu', wanna touch that body
Tell me babygirl, can you stand that heat?
Like gasoline and ???
A little reaction, is all I need
Start a 'lil bit F-I-R-E
Make me wanna come at you a 'lil bit harder
Know your type, you're a 'lil bit smarter
The girl so hot, man gives us some water
Let's go, water